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Attack Son of Uruk


Today we pretended that I’m a Hollywood producer.  I’m making a film version of the epic of Gilgamesh.  Your job was to pitch me an actor.  Based on Gilgamesh’s direct & indirect characterization, who should play the 5th king of Uruk?  You guys came up with some great ideas.

We looked at the foreshadowing at the end of Tablet 5.  As most of you predicted, Enkidu dies in tonight’s reading.  Think about how that will affect his best friend Gilgamesh.

For homework please read Tablets 6,7, & 8.  In a short paragraph (6-7 sentences) please explain to me who is responsible for Enikidu’s death.  Who should we blame?  There is no wrong answer here as long as you support your answer with text.  MAKE SURE YOU USE TEXTUAL EVIDENCE.

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