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Blogs Blogs Blogs!

We started discussing our blogs today.  This will be your digital footprint on the Internet.  All of the work, along with questions and other materials, is expected to go on the blog.  As the end of each quarter your blog will be evacuated using a rubric (Click here to see a copy of the rubric).

Tomorrow, we’ll get into actually creating the blog.  Here is what you need to do tonight:

  • If you don’t have a gmail account, get one.  Click here to sign up.
  • Finish writing your first entry
    • Find another culture’s flood story
    • In a 200-300 word entry, compare and contrast it with the flood story from The Epic go Gilgamesh
    • Explain why you think the stories may be similar
    • Find an image as well to go along with it
    • Citations – I want to know your sources for information and the image

You don’t need to send me anything.  We’ll use this tomorrow to get your first blog post up.  Email me with any questions.

Click here for the lesson from today