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Mockingbird Conclusions

We started to wrap up our discussions on To Kill a Mockingbird. Over the next few days we’ll discuss some of the larger ideas and themes in the novel.

Please click here for the final assignment for To Kill a Mockingbird. This assignment is due on April 4, 2017.  For this one assignment, rewrites will not be allowed. Keeping that in mind, we will be using a different rubric for this assignment.  Click here for a copy.  Use this rubric as a checklist.  It is your guide to getting 100% on this essay.

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An Introduction to The Gnostic Gospels

Today we started to look at The Gnostic Gospels and author Elaine Pagel’s commentary on them.  If this information was left out of the New Testament, what else was left out?  Could there be a clay jar somewhere in the desert with even more “lost texts”?

According to Pagel, early forms of Christianity were very different than the way it is practiced today.  In someways, it was more like the Eastern philosophies and religions we studied earlier this year.

This leads to our homework.  Please read The Selections from the Gnostic Gospels. (Click here for a copy of Selections from The Gnostic Gospels ) In the body of an email, please tell me :

How are the teachings in the Gnostic Gospels similar to the philosophy of Eastern religions?

Be sure to email your answer with *p

Ovid & Video Vocabulary

We started the period by discussing Ovid’s story, Pyramus & Thisbe. As most of you correctly guessed, this was the basis for William Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet. We discussed how this story, much like Apollo & Daphne, centers around the themes of change and transformation.  We also discussed the tragic irony of the story: Through their deaths Pyramus and Thisbe create a world in which they could be together.

We spent the rest of the period preparing for our vocabulary exam on January 9, 2017. Here is the Padlet:

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There is no homework tonight.

The Battle of Thermopylae

Today we discussed The Histories by Herodotus. We focused on his story of the Spartan soldiers in the Greco-Persian wars.  How was King Leonidis characterized? How was Xerxes characterized? What influence did Herodotus’ Greek background play in the way that he told the story?  Would looked at Frank Miller’s adaptation in the graphic novel 300.  We also looked at a few scenes from Zach Snyder’s film based on Miller’s novel.  

For homework, Please read the article I emailed you. Click here for a copy. Clearly the movie contains a lot of inaccuracies.  Which of these is your favorite? Why do you think Frank Miller chose to make this change in his story? What effect does the change have? Please email me your response in the body of an email using *p6

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Click here for the Words Derived From Greek iBook.  Remember, our exam is on Dec. 7, 2016