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Writing About Your Journey


Our class time was cut a little short due to picture today.  We did get to go over the basic of what I’m looking for in your first writing assignment, the reflective essay.  Click here for a copy of the assignment.

Click here for a printable copy of the rubric. We went over it in detail today.  Remember, I don’t give you a grade.  I simply check off where you fall on the rubric and that determines your grade.  You can do the same thing.  After you finish your draft, use the rubric as a checklist to see what you can improve.

You will have time in class tomorrow to work on your draft.

Click here for a copy of the lesson.

The Journey In Each of Us

Today we looked at the idea that the The Hero’s Journey is part of all of our lives.  We all go through it every time we face new, unknown challenges.  That is why this pattern is so appealing to humans.  It doesn’t matter if you’re from Tonga or Texas, you’re pattern of experiences is similar.

Click here for the lesson from class today

For homework tonight, please complete the Refelctive Writing Assignment worksheet.  Click here for a copy

Click here for the Reflective Writing Assignment due on 9/16/16


The Journey of the Hero Begins….

Some of you went to an assembly today.  No worries, we’ll go over this tomorrow.

For the rest of you, we spent the period discussion “The Hero Journey.”  This is an idea that postulates that all hero stories come from the same “Monomyth.  We explored the ideas of Jung & Campbell and examined the steps in the journey.  These steps are laid out in the lesson attached to this post.

For homework, I’d like you to read an article on The Hero Journey.  Click here to read it.


This will be the basis for our discussion tomorrow.

Click here for your lesson from today

What is a Hero?


Today we started to look at a question we’ll be asking all year long: What is a hero?  We started by making mind maps.  Click here to see what you created.  

Looking at your mind maps, it appears that most of you think being a hero involves a combination of bravery, courage, and selflessness.  I would agree.  Pretty soon we’ll see how all of these ideas have been used for thousands of years to tell stories about heroes.

Click here for the lesson from today


It was a pleasure to meet you today

Welcome to end of your first day as a Roslyn High School Freshman.  It may have been a little exhausting, but we are off to a great start.  Today was the last day that you’ll listen to me lecture.  I promise that our classes will be much more interactive in the future.

As I said in class, you will not need a notebook for this class once you receive your iPad.  Until then, bring a paper and a writing tool to class.  Once you receive your iPad, we will go completely paperless.

If you need to get a hold of me, you can always reach me by email at

There is no homework tonight.

The entire lesson will be posted when we complete it tomorrow.

Welcome to Freshman Humanities

Welcome to your first day of Freshman English.  We will take a look at literature in entirely new ways this year.  We will not be reading five novels and we will not be filling out study guides.  Instead, we will look at how literature, art, philosophy, history, and sociology all shape the world we live in.

I look forward to being your guide on this experience.  Please let me know if you  have any questions.  You can always reach me by email at