Metamorphosis Day 1

Today we began looking at Ovid’s Metamorphosis.¬†Click here to download a copy to iBooks.¬†Written around the year 8, it is a collection of stories that all focus on the the idea of transformation and change. As we discussed in class, sometimes the changes are physical. and other times they run a little deeper.

In class we read the story of Daphne & Apollo. We also examined this famous statue based on the story. In this case the transformation was obvious: Daphne turned into a tree.

For homework tonight, please read the story of Pyramus & Thisbe. You’ll find it in Book IV of The Metamorphosis. Please read the following sections:

Bk IV:55-92 Arsippe tells the story of Pyramus and Thisbe

Bk IV:93-127 The death of Pyramus

Bk IV:128-166 The death of Thisbe

When you finish, please email me your response to the following question:

How is the theme of transformation and change reflected in the story of Pyramus & Thisbe?

Make sure you send your answer *p

Click here for a copy of the lesson