Aeneas in the Underworld Part II

We continued our journey with Aeneas and Sibyl into The Underworld.  Today Aeneas bumped into his ex, Dido.  While he tries to explain his actions, she silently listens.  We spent some time discussing her reaction.  Does she forgive Aeneas? Is she trying to make him jealous? Does just have nothing to say to him?  Unfortunately, its all speculation.

We also discussed the layout of The Underworld, specifically Tartarus and Elysium.  Tonight for homework, I’ve asked you to read two sections of Book VI:

  • Sibyl Describes Tartarus
  • The Fields of Elysium

After reading these, I’d like you to make two lists:

  1. What kind of thing do you do in life to get you sent to Tartarus?
  2. What kind of things can you do in life to end of in Elysium

Send me your response with *p

Don’t forget – We have a vocabulary test tomorrow.  Click here for the Kahoot we used to review today.

Click here for the link to the lesson