Don’t Eat The Cows!

Odysseus gave his men 1 order: DON’T EAT THE COWS OF HELIOS! Did they listen? HECK NO!    When the ate the cattle of Helios, they really angered Zeus.  As a result, Zeus sinks Odysseus’ ship and kills his entire crew. This brings us full circle.  Odysseus will wash up on the shore of Ogyggia , the home of Calypso.  From there, he will make his way to Phaecia where he will share all of these events with the king.

For homework, I’d like you to read Book XXII (22) in The Odyssey.  This chapter is titled “Slaughter in The Hall.”  Odysseus is finally back in Ithaca and he is not happy.  He will take revenge on the suitors for their attempts at stealing his wife and his kingdom.  When you finish reading the chapter, I’ve sent you a question on Recap.  The question is:

Odysseus kills A LOT of people in this book. How is this a contrast from the Odysseus we’ve seen until this point?

Make sure you answer the question on Recap.

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Big shout out to Kayla M today!