“Come, my friends, it is not too late to seek a newer world”

Today we wrapped our study of The Odyssey with a reading of Tennyson’s poem Ulysses.  We discussed why Odysseus (Ulysses) would be bored with life in Ithaca.  After his incredible adventure, life on the throne with Penelope is a little boring. He is just like one of the men in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  He has seen the world outside his own, so he knows there is “more out there.” Just wait until you read Huck Finn in 11th grade and you’ll see the same thing.

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No homework tonight

Today’s “shout out” goes to Jack L.  Amazing work in class. Keep it up.


Odysseus: Good guy or bad guy?

Today we started with a Kahoot to review some of the basics of The Odyssey. Click here to play.

We spent the rest of the period trying to answer one question: Is Odysseus a good person? Based on his actions, we debated the issue using textual evidence to support our claims.  In the end, we realized that he doesn’t have to “good” or “bad.”  Like most people, he can have a little of both.

For homework, I’d like you fast forward 10 year. Imagine you are Odysseus. You’ve been ruling over Ithaca and hanging out with your wife Penelope. What is life like for you? Do you miss your adventures?

Answer as Odysseus on Recap

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Don’t Eat The Cows!

Odysseus gave his men 1 order: DON’T EAT THE COWS OF HELIOS! Did they listen? HECK NO!    When the ate the cattle of Helios, they really angered Zeus.  As a result, Zeus sinks Odysseus’ ship and kills his entire crew. This brings us full circle.  Odysseus will wash up on the shore of Ogyggia , the home of Calypso.  From there, he will make his way to Phaecia where he will share all of these events with the king.

For homework, I’d like you to read Book XXII (22) in The Odyssey.  This chapter is titled “Slaughter in The Hall.”  Odysseus is finally back in Ithaca and he is not happy.  He will take revenge on the suitors for their attempts at stealing his wife and his kingdom.  When you finish reading the chapter, I’ve sent you a question on Recap.  The question is:

Odysseus kills A LOT of people in this book. How is this a contrast from the Odysseus we’ve seen until this point?

Make sure you answer the question on Recap.

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Big shout out to Kayla M today!


Odysseus, The Underworld & Helios

We covered a lot of ground today.  We looked at Odysseus time with Circe and his journey into the underworld (RIP Elpenor)  We discussed how Odysseus’ hubris gets him into trouble with Poseidon after he almost gets away with blinding Polyphemus.

For homework, please read all of Book XII of the Odyssey.  I have sent you a recap question to respond to using the app on your iPad.

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Odysseus & Polyphemus

Today we looked at Odysseus’ adventures in the cave of the one-eyed giant.  As we discussed, Odysseus can not fight his way out of this situation. The cyclops is much stronger than Odysseus. Click here for the activity we did with PlayPosit.

For homework, please read pages 150-154 in The Odyssey. Explain exactly how Odysseus escapes the cave and the island.  How does his own hubris mess up that escape?

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Vocabulary Exam

Today was our vocabulary exam on English words derived from Greek.  As soon as everyone has taken the exam,  I will publish the grades and return the papers.  

For homework tonight, please read all of Book V in the Odyssey (pages 77-92).  When you finish reading, please answer the following question:

Does Odysseus want to stay with Calypso or go home? 

Make sure you support your answer with ample textual evidence.

Send it to me with *P in the subject line.

Remember, papers must be uploaded to turnitin.com by Friday.

Preparing for the Vocabulary Test & Essay

Remember, we are having a vocabulary test tomorrow on English words with Greek origins.  The test will contain 25 “fill in the blank” sentences.  I will also provide you with a word bank.  Each word will be used only once. If you would like to practice the Kahoot we did for review, click here.

Your Medea essay is due on Friday.  Remember, it must be uploaded to turnitin.com  before class.

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PS – Shout out to Noah “Typhoon” Kashman

Introduction to Homer’s Odyssey

Today we started talking about The Odyssey by Homer.  As we discussed, The Odyssey is “the sequel” to The Iliad and details the obstacles that Odysseus, King of Ithaca, faces when he tries to return home after fighting in the Trojan War.  We will be reading various episodes from The Odyssey over the next week.  Click here for the copy we will be using in class.

Don’t forget:

Vocabulary Exam on 12/7

Medea Essay must be uploaded to Turnitin.com by 12/9

Email me with any questions

No homework tonight

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The Battle of Thermopylae

Today we discussed The Histories by Herodotus. We focused on his story of the Spartan soldiers in the Greco-Persian wars.  How was King Leonidis characterized? How was Xerxes characterized? What influence did Herodotus’ Greek background play in the way that he told the story?  Would looked at Frank Miller’s adaptation in the graphic novel 300.  We also looked at a few scenes from Zach Snyder’s film based on Miller’s novel.  

For homework, Please read the article I emailed you. Click here for a copy. Clearly the movie contains a lot of inaccuracies.  Which of these is your favorite? Why do you think Frank Miller chose to make this change in his story? What effect does the change have? Please email me your response in the body of an email using *p6

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Click here for the Words Derived From Greek iBook.  Remember, our exam is on Dec. 7, 2016