Medea Gets Away With It

We wrapped up Medea today. Can you believe she got away with 4 murders? She will live under safety in Athens and there is nothing Jason can do about it.  Secretly, are we rooting for Medea? Is she like Heisenberg on Breaking Bad? Or Dexter? Or The President in House of Cards? Is she a bad guy that we want to win?

We spent some time discussion the essay assignment due on 12/7.  Please start working on a plan for your essay. Do not wait until the last minute.

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Video Vocabulary – English Words With Greek Roots

Today we started a new vocabulary unit, English words with Greek origins. Our exam will on Dec 7, 2016

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Your final essay on Medea is due. On 12/9. Click here for a copy of the assignment.

For homework tonight, please read lines 1456-1692 in Medea

Send me your response to the. Following question:

In the end, how did Medea truly take EVERYTHING from Jason? Please support your answer with textual evidence

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Please use *p

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Medea & Aegeus

Today we looked at the agreement Medea makes with Aegeus, king of Athens.  We looked at the scene using PlayPosIt.  Click here for the video and the activity. Medea clearly has something up her sleeve.  What do you think she has planned? Why would. She need Aegeus’ promise of protection? 

For homework, please read lines 1018-1276 in Medea.  Based on the text, how does Euripedes build suspense? Please email me your response with *p in the subject line.

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Medea Day 1

Today we started digging a little more deeply in to Euripede’s play Medea. We’ve established that Medea has every reason to be upset.  Her husband is leaving her.  She has no family to return to, and King Creon is kicking her out of Corinth ASAP.  Medea begs for one more day, and Creon grants her request.  Later, Creon will regret this decision.

We explored the scene between Medea & Creon through the Mannequin Challenge.  What would this scene look like if the characters were frozen in time. 

Here are the videos you created:

Period 2

Period 4

Period 6

There is no homework tonight.

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Introduction to Medea

I tools you early on that the best way to understand a the people of an ancient culture is to look at the art that they leave behind.  Perhaps the best example of this was the Greeks.  Today we looked at the history of Greek theater and tragedy.  We started our look at Euripede’s Medea by watching the opening scene. We established Medea’s central conflict; her husband is leaving her.

Click here for a copy of Medea

For homework, please read lines 1-339.  In a short paragraph, explain the difference int he characterization of the male character (Creon) with the female character (Medea).  Use textual evidence to support your answer. Make sure you email me your response with *p in the subject line.

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Preparing For Our Seminar

We will be holding our first Socratic Seminar on Monday.  This will count as your last major grade for the quarter.  To prepare, we will hold a practice seminar on the short story There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury.  Click here for a copy.  As you read, you will highlight thoughts, notes, questions, and quotes.  You will be allowed to use these annotation during our seminar.

Please check the attached lesson for a rubric.  There is also one at the end of The Will Come Soft Rains

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