The Analects of Confucius


You will have the entire period for the exam, so make sure you’re on time.  The exam will cover everything we’ve done in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Old Testament.  It may also include any supplemental material including poems, paintings, and/or songs.

Today we discussed the Tao Te Ching and Taoism’s relationship with nature.  Throughout the work, Lao Tzu uses natural imagery to send a message about living in harmony with the world areound us.  Remember the example we discussed about the road and the forest.  In the West, we would rip out the forest to make way for the road.  The Taoist would make the road work through and around the forest so that both may exist in harmony with each other.

We finished by looking at The Analects of Confucius.  We immediately noticed Confucius and Lao Tzu seem to be in conflict with each other.  We began a group activity that involves analyzing a single aphorism and creating a short video.  We will continue with this on Monday.

There is no homework tonight.  Be ready for the exam tomorrow.

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