“Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence.”

Today we built upon last night’s homework by creating a mind map using the SimpleMind+ app.  When you finish the mind map, please take a screen shot and upload to video.roslynschools.org.  When you upload, make sure you give it a title (I suggest ‘mind map’)

Click here for the the example I showed in class

Once your image is on video.roslynschools.org, you should be able to get a link.  Use that link to insert the image into your blog.  Once you’ve put the image in, please write a reflection.  What did you learn by completing this project?  Have your views on God changed at all?  Does his characterization in Genesis 6-9 match up with what you always believed?  Explain.

If you’ve completed this in class then you have no homework tonight.  If not, please make sure this is up on you blog before tomorrow.

Click here for the lesson from today