In the beginning…..

We started class by looking at this famous painting

Today we moved on from Gilgamesh and into the Old Testament.  We started by looking at Genesis 1 and building a Story Spine.  Most of you did a great job with it.

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We began to discuss some deeper philosophical questions.  If God is a character in the Old Testament, what do his actions tell us about his characterization?  It is a question we will revisit thought the unit.

For homework, please read Genesis 2 & 3.  By the end of this selection, Adam and Eve have been kicked out of The Garden of Eden.  Who would you blame?  Your answer to this question should be in a 200-300 word blog post.  Make sure you back up your answer with textual evidence.  Also, make sure you include a picture in your post (use the ‘insert url’ method we used in class)

When you finish, please email me a link to your blog. The link should be your username followed by For example, mine would be

When you send it please make sure you put the appropriate *p in the subject line

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