“I have determined to make an end of all flesh”

Today we started to get into some detail about Noah and the flood story from the Old Testament.  Our discussion focused on separating fact from fiction.  We examined both sides of the story.  We started by looking at a debate featuring Bill Nye. We also looked at another video that explained the scripture in Genesis 6-9 in a way that may have been feasible.  In the end, we decided that Bill Nye’s thesis made a lot more sense in the eyes of modern science.

For homework, I’d like you to read Genesis 6-9 in your iBook.  You can download a version by clicking here. As you read, look for examples of indirect characterization.  What do we learn about God as a character? Highlight examples of indirect characterization.  Then insert a note that explains what you’ve learned about God from the highlighted text.  You should have a minimum of 8 examples.  Finally, email me your notes.  Remember to use *p if you want to get credit!

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