Turning Babel To News

Today we looked at the story of The Tower of Babel.  We began by reviewing the plot by creating a story spine. Next we continued to discuss the indirect characterization of God.  What do his actions in The Tower of Babel tell us about him as a character?

In class I asked you to turn the events of Genesis 11 into a news article.  Here are the guidelines I gave you:

  • Start with the lead. Begin with a strong leading sentence. …
  • Give all the important details. …
  • Follow up main facts with additional information. …
  • Conclude your article.


You must open it in Pages

Remember to find your image using Creative Commons. Click here for a link.

When you finish please email it to me as a PDF.  Remember to use *P

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Language & The Tower of Babel

To prepare for our reading of the Tower of Babel we looked at the evolution of language.  Why do we all speak different languages? Where did our language come from?  We admired all of those questions today.  Tonight, you will be asked to take a look at the biblical reason for lingual diversity.  It’s a much better story than the one that I told you.  Which do you believe?

For homework tonight please read lines 1-10 in Genesis 11. When you finish please send me the following information in an email.  Make sure you include the correct *p in your subject line.

Who is the story about?

What is Going on?

When is it taking place relative to other events we’ve read about in Genesis?

Where is the story taking place?

Why did what happened happen?

Please make sure your answers are in the form of full sentences

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“Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence.”

Today we built upon last night’s homework by creating a mind map using the SimpleMind+ app.  When you finish the mind map, please take a screen shot and upload to video.roslynschools.org.  When you upload, make sure you give it a title (I suggest ‘mind map’)

Click here for the the example I showed in class

Once your image is on video.roslynschools.org, you should be able to get a link.  Use that link to insert the image into your blog.  Once you’ve put the image in, please write a reflection.  What did you learn by completing this project?  Have your views on God changed at all?  Does his characterization in Genesis 6-9 match up with what you always believed?  Explain.

If you’ve completed this in class then you have no homework tonight.  If not, please make sure this is up on you blog before tomorrow.

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“I have determined to make an end of all flesh”

Today we started to get into some detail about Noah and the flood story from the Old Testament.  Our discussion focused on separating fact from fiction.  We examined both sides of the story.  We started by looking at a debate featuring Bill Nye. We also looked at another video that explained the scripture in Genesis 6-9 in a way that may have been feasible.  In the end, we decided that Bill Nye’s thesis made a lot more sense in the eyes of modern science.

For homework, I’d like you to read Genesis 6-9 in your iBook.  You can download a version by clicking here. As you read, look for examples of indirect characterization.  What do we learn about God as a character? Highlight examples of indirect characterization.  Then insert a note that explains what you’ve learned about God from the highlighted text.  You should have a minimum of 8 examples.  Finally, email me your notes.  Remember to use *p if you want to get credit!

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Please make an appointment to meet with me if you want to do a rewrite on the narrative essay.


In the beginning…..

We started class by looking at this famous painting

Today we moved on from Gilgamesh and into the Old Testament.  We started by looking at Genesis 1 and building a Story Spine.  Most of you did a great job with it.

Click here for the reading from class

We began to discuss some deeper philosophical questions.  If God is a character in the Old Testament, what do his actions tell us about his characterization?  It is a question we will revisit thought the unit.

For homework, please read Genesis 2 & 3.  By the end of this selection, Adam and Eve have been kicked out of The Garden of Eden.  Who would you blame?  Your answer to this question should be in a 200-300 word blog post.  Make sure you back up your answer with textual evidence.  Also, make sure you include a picture in your post (use the ‘insert url’ method we used in class)

When you finish, please email me a link to your blog. The link should be your username followed by .blogspot.com. For example, mine would be lreiff90.blogspot.com.

When you send it please make sure you put the appropriate *p in the subject line

Period 2 – *p2

Period 4 – *p4

Period 6 – *p6

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Getting Your Blogs Online

Today we got your blogs online.  How does it feel to have a presence on the Internet?  We’ll be updating these about twice a week.  We’ll be including class projects, homework, and comments on current events.

If you were absent today, please make an appointment to meet with me to go over the blog.  It won’t take long.  I want to make sure everything works for you.  This will be a year long project and a major grade for each quarter.

If you have any technical issues, please do not email me.  It is very difficult to diagnose issues remotely.  Instead, come meet with me during a free period.  I’m also available most days before and after school.

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Blogs Blogs Blogs!

We started discussing our blogs today.  This will be your digital footprint on the Internet.  All of the work, along with questions and other materials, is expected to go on the blog.  As the end of each quarter your blog will be evacuated using a rubric (Click here to see a copy of the rubric).

Tomorrow, we’ll get into actually creating the blog.  Here is what you need to do tonight:

  • If you don’t have a gmail account, get one.  Click here to sign up.
  • Finish writing your first entry
    • Find another culture’s flood story
    • In a 200-300 word entry, compare and contrast it with the flood story from The Epic go Gilgamesh
    • Explain why you think the stories may be similar
    • Find an image as well to go along with it
    • Citations – I want to know your sources for information and the image

You don’t need to send me anything.  We’ll use this tomorrow to get your first blog post up.  Email me with any questions.

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“Adad the Storm God came riding on a black cloud, stirring up a terrible storm”

You guys did a great job with the Venn Diagrams!  I’ve posted them all to the cool projects page.  Here is the video we watched on Noah’s Ark.

We spent the bulk of the period using Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast the story of Noah with the story  of Utnapishtim in The Epic of Gilgamesh.  You guys were able to find the differences in the simalarities and simalarities in the differences!  It was great.  I’ve posted all of the images to the Cool Projects page.  Feel free to share them.

There is no homework this weekend.  Enjoy some down time.

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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Today we looked at the poem Ozymandias and we discussed the pros & cons of immortality.  Click here for a copy of the poem. We discussed the deeper message; nothing lasts forever.

We also discussed Enid’s death. Who is to blame?  Many of you made compelling arguments for Gilgamesh, Enlil, Anu, Ishtar, and even Enkidu himself.  There is no correct answer.  Answers are either supported or unsupported.

For homework, pease read Tablets 9, 10, & 11. What important lesson has Gilgamesh learned about life in this selection?  How does Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality relate to the poem we looked at in class today? Your answer should be 5-6 Sentences.

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Attack Son of Uruk


Today we pretended that I’m a Hollywood producer.  I’m making a film version of the epic of Gilgamesh.  Your job was to pitch me an actor.  Based on Gilgamesh’s direct & indirect characterization, who should play the 5th king of Uruk?  You guys came up with some great ideas.

We looked at the foreshadowing at the end of Tablet 5.  As most of you predicted, Enkidu dies in tonight’s reading.  Think about how that will affect his best friend Gilgamesh.

For homework please read Tablets 6,7, & 8.  In a short paragraph (6-7 sentences) please explain to me who is responsible for Enikidu’s death.  Who should we blame?  There is no wrong answer here as long as you support your answer with text.  MAKE SURE YOU USE TEXTUAL EVIDENCE.

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